Valentine Thoughts

“If in my present life I love one person truly,
no matter who it is,
I believe that we meet somewhere again,
though where or how I don’t know or care,
for genuine love is immortal.”

~Louisa May Alcott to Maggie Lukens,
February 14, 1884

"I’ve felt for the first time in my life the joyful consciousness
that I am truly loved by a truly good man…
A man in whom I can trust without fear,
in whose principles I have perfect faith,
in whose large, warm, loving heart my own restless soul can find repose."

~ Anna’s Journal
March 16, 1859

“To be a happy wife with a good husband to love and care for me, and then go on with my art. This blessed lot is mine, and from my purpose I never intend to be diverted …. I am free to follow my profession, I have a strong arm to protect, a tender love to cherish me, and I have no fears for the future.”

~ Letter from May to her family, 1878

“After some thought, I handed my friend my Journal, in which from time to time I had written my opinions and feelings regarding her….It had the very effect which I hoped. It led to the connection in which I now so much rejoice, and from which I have already enjoyed much, and anticipate the fullest felicities of this existence.”

~ Bronson Alcott’s journal,
Nov. 29, 1828


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