The New Year  

“I am happy, very happy tonight for my five years work is done, and whether it succeeds or not, I shall be the richer and better for it, because the labor, love, disappointment, hope and purpose, that have gone into it, are a useful experience that I shall never forget. Now if it makes a little money and opens the way for more, I shall be satisfied, and you in some measure repaid for all the sympathy help and love that have done so much for me in these hard years. I hope Success will sweeten me and make me what I long to become more than a great writer—a good daughter. And so God bless you, dear mother, and send us all a Happy New Year.”

~Letter, to her mother from Louisa,
 accompanying the newly published Moods

"The New Year opens most beautifully to me with all my dear ones in good health, & each busy & happy in their own peculiar way. Father with his school duties books & newspapers, Lu, her quiet room & writing, Abbie earning her living pleasantly among kind friends & the gaity so congenial to her fun loving nature. Mother is rather lonely & finds her kitchen & workbasket tiresome at times, but is well, happy in her children’s success & happiness, & finding much comfort & rest in a home of her own."

~Anna Alcott Pratt’s Journal,
 January 1861


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