Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women has been a favorite book for generations. Jo March and her sisters, Meg, Beth, and Amy have enriched the lives of girls all over the world and taught them the simple virtues of hard work and devotion to family, balanced by independence of mind and deep inner strength.

Use the following ideas and items from our gift shop to plan your daughter’s next birthday around a Little Women theme.


Make homemade invitations from card stock, using our Little Women art stickers of Jessie Wilcox Smith’s famous image of the March sisters (right).

You might ask that the girls dress in 19th-century costume - blouses and long skirts with ribbons in their hair.

Little Women Games and Activities
from the days of Louisa May Alcott

The children sit in a circle. One child starts a story, and the next child adds on to the story, and so on all the way around the circle. The last child must end the story.
The children sit in a circle. The first player turns to the child on her left and “introduces” her to the group, using the first letter of her first name to begin a compliment. For example, “This is Nelly, so is very neat. And so on all the way around the circle.

Hoops and Graces
These are active games, to be played outdoors, using hoops and sticks

The book Toys & Games from Times Past, available from our shop (see below), has instructions for hoop games and many more. See also Tea Parties for Children and Children's Parlor Games and Pastimes.

Craft Fun
The children can make small dolls from yarn and clothespins, or paper Victorian fans, decorated with lace, beads, and glitter.

Authors Card Game: Similar to "Go Fish," this game featuring Louisa and other famous writers, originated in New England in the 1850s.

Little Women DVD:
See the Shop Media page for selected titles.

Act out a scene from Little Women
Have fun with drama, just as the Alcott girls used to do.


A homemade cake decorated with flowers or apples is a perfect Little Women centerpiece. Homemade ice cream and apple desserts, such as baked or caramel apples fit the period.


Ideas for Party Favors .. these and more available from
Orchard House Museum Shop

Every book includes an Orchard House bookplate and bookmark.
Little Women unabridged (Dover) $6.00
Little Women abridged (Dover) $3.00

Toys and Games from Times Past $5.95
Children's Tea Parties $5.95
Children's Parlor Games and Pastimes $5.95
Victorian Ghost Stories $5.95

Orchard House Patch $2.00 (pictured at left)
Apple Slump recipe $2.50
(A favorite Alcott dessert, and Louisa's nickname for Orchard House. Small poster, suitable for framing.)
Authors card deck (pictured above) $6.50
Postcard of Louisa's room $0.75 (pictured at right)
Little Women pencils, $.50 each
Little Women stickers: Jessie Wilcox Smith: $2.80 per sheet of 6
Hoop $19.95
Graces game $20.25
Little Women Gift Pack: (Pictured at left.) Journal with pen, pencil, and ruler. With Dover edition of the complete book. $17.50.

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