This more formal room used primarily for entertaining and special family events is decorated with earth-toned wallpaper and a green patterned carpet that contrasts with the burgundy-themed Study across the hall.  Arched niches were built by Mr. Alcott to display busts of his favorite philosophers, Socrates and Plato, but during the 1860s, statuettes by John Rogers, depicting important themes and events of the Civil War, were often displayed instead.  Family portraits of Mr. and Mrs. Alcott and watercolors by May -- along with her pen and ink drawing of Moses on the fireboard -- enliven the room.  On May 23, 1860, the thirtieth wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Alcott, eldest daughter Anna married John Bridge Pratt beneath an arbor in this room.  Years later, Louisa recalled this first family wedding and described it in Little Women as the marriage of "Meg March" and "John Brooke."


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