In Louisa May Alcott's journal of 1860, she wrote, "All of the philosophy in our house is not in the study, a good deal is in the kitchen, where a fine old lady thinks high thoughts and does good deeds while she cooks and scrubs."  The Alcott women all worked in the Kitchen preparing and preserving food and doing laundry, but Mr. Alcott spent a good deal of time here as well, making it an efficient workspace.  Innovations he implemented include a hot water boiler/reservoir and a clothes drying rack.  Other original features include the soapstone sink that was purchased by Louisa, a variety of kitchen implements and cooking tools, and the hutch table.  The Alcotts were also fortunate to have running water installed in the mid-1870s, but their well is still visible via a trap door in the Kitchen floor.  May Alcott also commandeered her mother's bread board to practice the art of pyrography on it.


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