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  Explore the World of the Alcotts ...


... with a variety of educational programs and offerings for Girl Scouts that

enlighten learners of all ages about the Alcott family and their world!



Public and private schools as well as home learners, youth groups, book groups, and Elderhostelers may participate in activities similar to those enjoyed by the Alcotts over 150 years ago during School Group offerings which enable students to:


  • Examine the Alcotts' contributions to various 19th Century reform movements


  • Experience a typical 19th Century schoolroom -- and the decidedly different one of Mr. Alcott's


  • Discover why the Alcotts kept daily diaries and begin their own journey through journaling


Especially for Girl Scout troops, we offer many "Journey" opportunities, as well as a new Badge offering for Juniors and Community Service for Cadettes.


Teachers and Learning Coaches are encouraged to participate in annual Adult Education Workshops that address specific curriculum needs, provide hands-on resources for in-class use, and may also qualify for Professional Development credits.



We invite you to browse all our programs -- or call us to customize your learning experience!








Reservation Information



To make a reservation and fine-tune your visit experience, please contact the Education Department at 978.369.4118 x106 or education@louisamayalcott.org.


Please note: All group leaders are urged to download and review the visit planning information and map prior to visiting.


Schools and Girl Scout Groups should make reservations as far in advance as possible; schools are are particularly encouraged to visit prior to opening hours.  Chaperones are required for all student groups and must accompany youths at all times throughout the House.  Additional adults are always welcome, but must be charged applicable admission fees.


A deposit of $50.00 is required to hold a reservation and is applied to the total fee.  Deposits are only refundable if cancellation is received within 48 hours of a reservation.


All tours and programs have capacity limits in order to protect our valuable resources and to insure the most beneficial visit experience. 


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School Programs



Orchard House, one of the oldest homes in Historic Concord, Massachusetts, reflects the lifestyle, ideals, and unique personalities of the Alcotts.  Each visit experience provides testimony to the rich legacy of this talented and caring family in the fields of literature, creative arts, education, philosophy, and social justice. 




General Guided Tours

Featuring discussions of the Alcotts’ home life and accomplishments, guided tours help visitors derive a sense of how this remarkable family nurtured one another and what they contributed to the fields of literature, art, education, and to society as a whole.

Suitable for Grades 3 – 12, up to 45 students.  30 minutes.  $4.50 per student.  1 chaperone per every 15 students required and admitted free; $9.50 per additional adult.


"Welcome To Our Home"
Interpret the House in a first-person context as costumed staff portray members of the Alcott family or their notable neighbors.   Students discover how the Alcotts lived and how they helped "make history."
Suitable for Grades K – 12, up to 45 students.  1 hour.  $7 per student.  1 chaperone per 15 students required and admitted free; $12 per each additional adult


"Time Travelers"
A hands-on, fun, and exciting way to introduce students to the household tasks and pastimes of families in the 1800s.   Real period artifacts from our Education Collection help students make important connections between their modern world and life in the 19th Century.
Suitable for Grades 2 - 5, up to 30 students.  1 hour.  $7 per student.  1 chaperone per 15 students required and admitted free; $12 per each additional adult





"Hand-in-Hand at Orchard House"
Pre-K and Kindergarten classes may inquire about our unique hands-on program that introduces younger children to the home of Louisa May Alcott, author of Little Women.


"A Visit With the Alcotts" Living History Program
A multi-disciplinary experience incorporating history, language arts, and creative arts where students step back in time with costumed interpreters as they re-create the life and times of the Alcotts.  Students discover the elements of a story and write one of their own, play a 19th Century game which also introduces new vocabulary, and engage in an art exercise that challenges their spatial perception, imagination, and analytical thinking.

Curriculum Frameworks:  History and Social Science (Standards 1, 2, & 3); English Language Arts (Standards 1, 2, & 3); Visual Arts (Standard 3)
Suitable for Grades 3 – 5, up to 30 students.  2 hours.  $8 per student.  1 chaperone per 10 students required and admitted free; $13 per each additional adult.


"Journey Through Journals:  The Alcotts In Their Own Words"
A unique program focusing on the importance of diary-keeping in the lives of the Alcotts.   Used variously as a daily record, a philosophical outlet, and repository of creative ideas, journals fed and satisfied the talents of each and every Alcott.  In fact, Louisa May Alcott's journal provided her with material used to write much of Little Women.  As students progress through the House, they excerpts from Alcott diaries will be shared, and the group is able to periodically pause and record their thoughts and impressions in journals of their own.

Curriculum Frameworks:   English Language Arts (Standards 2, 4, & 5); English Literature (Standards 8, 9, 13, 14, & 15); English Composition (Standards 20 & 22); History and Social Science (Standard 3)

Suitable for Grades 5 – 12, up to 30 students.  2 hours.  $8 per student.  1 chaperone per 10 students required and admitted free; $13 per additional adult.


The Alcotts and Thoreau:  Landscape and Literature
In this writing and discussion-based program, students immerse themselves into an exploration of the man-made and natural landscapes of 19th Century Concord.  Focusing on the 19th Century community of authors, philosophers, and intellectuals (specifically Henry David Thoreau and the Alcotts) which gathered in Concord, students hear and reflect upon how each individual within the Alcott family responded to the changing world around them, and the ways in which their responses were reflected in lifestyle, philosophy, art, and literature, and the importance of Transcendentalism.
Curriculum Frameworks - History and Social Science (Standards 1, 2, 3, & 4); English Literature (Standards 8, 9, 15, & 17).
Suitable for Grades 10 – 12, up to 45 students.  1-1⁄2 hours.  $8 per student.  1 chaperone per 15 students required and admitted free; $13 per each additional adult.





"A Visit by Louisa May Alcott"
Jan Turnquist of Inter*Act Performances will portray Louisa May Alcott at your school, library, church, or community center!   To book a Massachusetts school performance, please contact Young Audiences of Massachusetts at 617.629.9262 x303 or scheduling@yamass.org.

For all other reservations, call Inter*Act Performances at 978.369.2467.





We are always happy to customize existing programs and develop new programming to meet your particular needs.

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Girl Scout Offerings


Louisa May Alcott’s Orchard House, home of the author and her family, offers special programs for all levels of Girl Scouting.  By visiting the House for a special program, girls will be able to explore areas of the new Journey programs for Girl Scouts -- “It’s Your World -- Change It!” and “It’s Your Story -- Tell It!”

Whether taking a journey into the past and the world of the Alcotts, learning about pastimes of young girls in the 19th Century, finding strong role models in Louisa May Alcott and her sisters, or exploring their own best qualities through role-play found in the author’s stories, Girl Scouts at all levels will have fun learning about this unusual family and how they made a difference in their own time, and for our world today.

Please note:   There is a minimum requirement of 10 scouts or payment for 10 scouts per program



"Hand-in-Hand Journey to Orchard House"
This program introduces Daisies to a museum and to the home of Louisa May Alcott, the author of Little Women. Daisies learn about the Alcott family using interactive materials and hands-on activities as they tour Orchard House.  Victorian dress-up, felt boards, a story, games, and artwork are included in this introductory program.
1 hour program offered year-round.  $9 per scout.  Group size limited to 15, inclusive of 3 required adult chaperones (free). 



New Badge Offering!  “My Family Story”

Meet a member of the Alcott family (portrayed by trained staff), who will tell you stories about her childhood and the family home.  Brownies will tour Orchard House, seeing it as it looked when the Alcotts lived here and hearing stories about Louisa and her sisters when they were growing up.  Girls will also play a game, learn a song from the period, draw their own family crests, and participate in other fun Alcott family activities.

Bonus:  This program helps Brownies earn the “My Family Story” Badge.
1-1/2 hour program offered year-round.  $11 per scout.  Group size limited to 15, inclusive of 2 required adult chaperones (free).


“Old-Fashioned Playtime Journey”
What games and activities were popular pastimes in the Victorian age?  Learn about the toys and games of Louisa, Anna, Elizabeth, and May, and about the dolls they made.  Girls will make their own yarn dolls and take them on a tour of Orchard House.  They will also play games and learn about other activities that the Alcott girls enjoyed.
1-1/2 hour program offered year-round.  $11 per girl.  Group size limited to 15, inclusive of 2 required adult chaperones (free).


“Brownie Story Journey”
The Alcotts were a highly creative family!  Girl Scouts will have an opportunity to write in the very room where Louisa May Alcott wrote her most famous book, Little Women, try their hand at a troop “post office,” play Rigamarole, and make “castles in the air” -- just like the Alcott girls did when they were growing up.

Bonus:  This program helps Brownies earn the “Hear a Story,” “Change a Story,” “Tell a Story,” and “Better World!” Leadership Awards.
1-1/2 hour program offered year-round.  $11 per scout.  Group size limited to 15, inclusive of 2 required adult chaperones (free).





New Badge Offering!  "Playing the Past"
Journey back in time to 1870 and imagine yourself as one of the Alcotts as you visit their home in Concord, Massachusetts!  A member of the Alcott family (portrayed by trained Staff) will show you through the house, where you will make your own journals (materials are provided by Orchard House) and have an opportunity to write in them as you hear entries taken from the real journals of the Alcott family.  Listen to favorite family anecdotes and traditions, and hear about life in the 19th century, including the chores and pastimes of girls who lived back then!  Play a game or sing a song that the Alcotts would have enjoyed, and act out a scene from Little Women in the same place where Louisa and her sisters performed their theatricals for friends and family.
1-1/2 hour program offered year-round.  $11 per scout.  Group size limited to 15, inclusive of 2 required adult chaperones (free).


New Badge Offering!  "Scribe"

Louisa May Alcott was a great observer of the world, and she learned to use those observations in her writing.  Come write in the very room where she penned many of her stories, including her most famous book, Little Women.  Create a poem, express yourself in an essay, report a special event, sharpen your skills by using events in your everyday life for stories, and learn what goes into making a good writer!

Bonus:  This program completes Junior Girl Scout Scribe Badge requirements #1 – 5 from the “It’s Your World, Change It!” Skill Building Badge Activity Set
1-1/2 hour program offered year-round.  $11 per scout.  Group size limited to 15, inclusive of  2 required adult chaperones (free).


"My Best Foot Forward Journey"
Louisa May Alcott has been a wonderful role model ever since Little Women first captured the imaginations of people all over the world.  She was concerned then, as we are today, with the issue of girls striving to be themselves in an increasingly complicated world.  A visit to Orchard House allows Junior scouts to understand how Louisa and her sisters struggled to overcome their difficulties, met challenges, and capitalized on their talents to become strong, independent women.  Through role play, journal writing, creating a “brag bag,” and other fun activities, scouts explore their own best assets to increase self-esteem and become the best possible person!

Bonus:  This program also helps Juniors earn "The Power of One" Award -- one of three awards that can be earned in the “It’s Your World, Change It!” Journey -- by discovering their own strengths and powers as they learn about the Alcott women as role models who made a difference in their time period.  Juniors may also work on the "Reach Out!" and "Try Out!" Leadership Awards in the “It’s Your Story, Tell It!” Journey.
1-1/2 hour program offered year-round.  $11 per scout.  Group size limited to 15, inclusive of 2 required adult chaperones (free).




Seeking a new and different way to earn the Community Service Bar or Patch?

Consider a project at Louisa May Alcott’s Orchard House, a non-profit organization which depends on

volunteer help for many aspects of its operation.

We will work with you to create a flexible program to best fit both our needs and yours!
Interested?  Contact the Director of Education at
978.369.4118 x106 today!


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Adult Education



2017 Summer Conversational Series & Teacher Workshop


Sunday - Thursday, 16 - 20 July 2017


"Noble Companions and Immortal Labors" *

The Alcotts, Thoreaus, and the Quest for Social Justice


Transcendental neighbors and thinkers Amos Bronson Alcott and Henry David Thoreau shared and hopes for changing society.

Ever interested in improving the world to make it a better place in which to live, they and their families worked publicly and

also behind the scenes to stand up for social justice and put themselves on the line for others.  The women as well as the

men were committed to furthering the cause of justice, freedom, and equality in their communities and in the world at large.


Presenters and participants in this year's Series will examine the engagement of the Alcotts and Thoreaus, through their

public and private actions and writings, in their quest for social justice.


Call for ProposalsPlease submit a one-page proposal -- including a presentation title and description

along with your brief bio -- to Director of Education Lis Adams and Executive Director Jan Turnquist at

ladams@louisamayalcott.org and jturnquist@louisamayalcott.org by March 3, 2017.


* - from the journal of A. Bronson Alcott, February 1847


Daily Schedule           Presenter Bios


On-line Registration          Registration Form


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